December 10, 2014


"Pictures of the everyday once a week in 2014."

1.  Let be real, getting James to sit/stand still long enough for a picture with a real camera is like trying to...catch and cloud and pin it down.  :)  So here is our fuzzy phone picture from early this morning.

2.  On a particularly rough day, I took James for a drive up on the logging roads in hopes the bumps would put him to sleep.  Because the sun sets so early, we get some gorgeous foggy views of the lake and valley below.

3.  These holly berries were snipped from a roadside bush and are currently making our table look quite festive.

P.S. Lets just take a moment to look at the numbers.  I started this 52 week photography project 49 weeks ago.  There are just 3 weeks left in 2014!  Wow!

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