November 10, 2014

Out for a stroll: on which we saw a little deer family

Out for our daily stroll, we heard a sky full of Canadian Geese in their migration.

And looking over the bridge across the water there was another flock floating just behind the little island, which looked like it was moving!

Upon closer inspection (forgot my glasses/contacts), there was a little family of deer crunching around on the rocks.

It was a family of three, just like ours.  Although I couldn't imagine braving the chilly waters, they chose to swim back across while we were watching.

It was so still on the bridge.  Silent enough to hear the ripples their bodies created in the lake.  Silent enough to hear their crunchy steps on the stones along the beach.

We stood and watched them for 15 minutes.  James fell asleep, but I treasured the moment of that little family, knowing that our days as the tree amigos are numbered.

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