September 25, 2014

Summer Roadtrip: Washington, Oregon & California Day 1

Hmm...this is the third summer in a row that boasts a roadtrip.  This might be the start of a family tradition.  Brad and I planned to take his entire 8 vacation days all in one big chunk and go on a roadtrip to Yosemite!!!  We both love traveling, and always have so much to chat about, and adding a little baby to the mix couldn't make it that different right?  Are you laughing?  Well you definitely should be.  We (self proclaimed) wisely, decided to cut the 13 hour drive into two separate days traveling down, figuring that two 6.5 hour days would actually stretch into 8.5 hour days with stops for the baby.

Day one started with none other than caffeine.
We left at 6:57 am with out little fella tucked into his carseat fast asleep.  Sleeping James made for some excellent mileage because we were south of Portland before he awoke.   McCurry family tradition is to stop at K&R Drive In in Rice Hill for the huge portions of Umpqua Ice Cream as well as delish burgers. 
 Sourthern Oregon has rolling hills, and green trees.
 Coming down the Siskiyous...entering California.
We crossed Shasta Lake just as the sun was setting...  It was a beautiful first day.  

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