September 17, 2014

DIY: Baby-friendly tassel necklace

 Supplies Needed:
      Tapestry needle
      Uncoated/unpainted wooden beads
      Embroidery floss a color of your choice

Step 1: Cut off a 7-9 ft section of string in order to make the necklace strand three-cord strong.  Little hands are strong, so this necklace needs to be as well.

Step 2:  String the beads to the appropriate length you'd like your necklace.  I made my strand rather long.
Step 3:  Make the tassel by first cutting of a six inch piece from the leftover strand.  Fold the remaining string in half and at the midway point tie and wrap the six inch piece around to form the head.

Step 4:  Trim the bottom of the tassel to desired length and thread the necklace cord through the head of the tassel and tie off the necklace, tucking the knots and strings in the tassel.

Step 5:  Wear you new masterpiece!

1 comment:

  1. This is a great idea. Looks cute and I know James likes it too as I've seen him gnawing on it a time or two as he tries to get more teeth in. Also, I love those scissors. Mom