September 19, 2014

Dear James: 12 months/1 year

 Dear James!!!

You are one year old!  Today is actually your take-home day from the hospital, September 19.  My how you've grown! :) ...from 4lbs 9oz to 18lbs 4oz...from 18inches to 28.25inches...from swimming in premie clothes to wearing 12 month clothes.  Who would have thought how?!  You are such a little boy now moving all around and smiling at everyone!  Your six little teeth are shining at whoever looks your way.  You are such a people person that even grocery shopping is a fun because it provides new people to meet.  Life has taken on such a new meaning with you as part of our family.
You are such a little charmer sometimes I wonder where you get your outgoing ways.  It definitely isn't from either your Daddy or me.

This year you went on a roadtrip to Yosemite, rode on a plane, ate chocolate cake, were the youngest Clark cousin for a few months, are/were the first Van Diest great-grandchild, as well as the first McCurry grandchild.  You came in a way I never would have thought, but knowing your curious, sweet, active self now, I can see that your birth fit you to a T.  Happy Birthday James!

Accomplishments this month
Crawling all over the place
Taking a few steps at a time
Saying Mama and Baba
Giving high-fives
Giving kisses
Drinking from a straw

We love you so much little buddy!!!

Mama & Daddy
And now for the rest of his first birthday photoshoot. :)
All done Mama!! Give me back the car keys!


  1. Love these pictures of him in the leaves and leaning over the logs. Great shots, Susan! I remember well this wonderful day when you brought him home, so tiny in his car seat, but so grateful to be out of the NICU. I have loved being his grandma all year long and look forward to the rest of my life as a grandma. Mom

    1. Thank Mom! :) We love having you as Grandma too.

  2. He's darling. I was going through withdrawls of sweet baby James photos, thanks for updating us. My! What a looker.