September 29, 2014

Boat Launch at Ike Kinswa

There is a hidden gem in Lewis County.  It's the Ike Kinswa Boat Launch, and the day was wet, brisk.

The road was covered in leaves and the grey sky parted.

We meandered down the beach.
 My flannel and raincoat kept me dry while the stroller was his shield.
 The leaves were rather crunchy...
 And the moss was speckled with needles...
 The picnic area was aching for a basket and some free time.
 And the water, drained a bit for the winter season offered some lovely shades of brown.

I knew that we needed to come back, on a different day with a friend and a lunch basket. Who knew this gorgeous little place was here!?  

Have you found any hidden gems lately?


  1. I love that you have actual fall weather during this autumn season. It is 90 degrees here this week. Wearing long pants is a stretch. I'm ready for a change in season! drink some hot cider for me :)

  2. Aw! Thats still a bit warm for me...and I'm guessing bambino keeps you even warmer. I'll definitely sip some cider in your honor. Thanks for stopping by!