August 18, 2014

Crystal Mountain Gondola

A few weeks ago, with family visiting, we visited Crystal Mountain nestled just outside the NE corner of the Mount Rainier National Park.  
Summer in the Pacific Northwest is absolutely gorgeous! 
This view is free of charge and can be seen outside the park as you skirt the Steven's Canyon Entrance of Mount Rainier traveling North towards Crystal Mountain.   Blue sky, green trees, sparkling white glaciers...
 During the summer, the lift to one of the mountain tops is open as well as the a restaurant...this is the view after clearing the first ridge.
 Little James loved the view, but some others were white-knuckling it the entire ride.
The view from the top was absolutely amazing.  Totally worth the ride.  Do you hear any singing?
 Because I'm pretty sure that some sort of crescendo-ing instrumental should be resounding.
 They even provided chairs for sunbathing/enjoying the view at the top.
Visiting Crystal Mountain is a must do.  Just be sure to literally beat off the chipmunks, they will run all over your bare legs, into your pack, or onto your lap.  They have no fear.  You've been warned.

Have you had a chance to get to the mountains this summer?

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