July 17, 2014

Stop and smell the clover

While playing the grass and attempting to keep James from eating all the clover flowers in sight.  I took a closer look at that little flower that covers our yard in mats and mats.  It is so intricate, each little petal full of sweet nectar.  So much complexity in this tiny flower. Then I noticed a little friend, actually teensy friend that looked so similar.  I knew that had to be related.  So I looked it up, thank you internet, and found that yes, they are indeed from the same family.  
Fabaceae Trifolium repens L...aka white clover...aka Dutch clover.
Fabaceae Medicago lupulina...aka black medick...aka blackweed
While I realize this is considered a weed by many, it is still a flower that smells sweet and pretties up our yard.  Everyday I walk by/on it and pay it no mind.  But today, thanks to James, I gave it a second thought and was ushered into a quiet moment in awe of the creation around me.  Wondering at its teensy delicate beauty that I never took the time to see.  Sometimes you can gain a lot when you stop and smell the roses...or in this case...the clover.  Have you stopped and reconsidered something lately?


  1. I too have been taking more time to look at clovers lately :) I was gone overnight a few weeks ago and to welcome me home, Matthew (10) had picked me a small bouquet of purple clover along with a sweet note. I admired the pretty little flowers on my windowsill for a week. I am always picking "weeds" and bringing them indoors for cheeriness. ~Jaime E.

  2. What a sweet boy! You are so right though, they do bring such cheeriness to the room. That is one of my favorite parts about summer.