July 25, 2014

Sleepless Nights: Wait, where is the baby?!

This is the last in a series about the crazy that happened when I was sleep-deprived this past year.  You can read all of them here.

James had a doctors appointment...oh those appointments.  This was WAAAAY back...when he had to be weighed weekly to make sure he was doing ok.

Yikes! I looked at the clock and was already running behind.  Where are those blasted wipes?!!

Aha!  I spied them under the dining room table.  ...Of course...

Diaper bag with extra everything? ...check...
James in the carseat? ...check...
Insurance card? ...check...
Purse? ...check...

Ok, now get everything into the car.

As I pulled open the door and kicked open the screen door...taking care to not let it bang against James, I set the bag and purse on the front porch.  Snatching the keys off the holder, I carefully shut the front door... then the screen door and juggle the bags and carseat to the car.

Why is it so cold?  Should I bring an extra blanket for James?

SUSAN!!!  Get.In.The.Car.  You are already going to be 10 minutes late.  

Quickly I set everything next to the car, unlock the doors, throw in the bags and run to the drivers seat.

Get in, start the car, back out of the driveway, and look in my rear view (NOTE:  Always look in your rear view mirror...more on this later) and there I see little James sitting next to the front porch...right where I left him.

Wait, where is the baby?!  Why isn't James in the car? 
 .................................... Oh right, I need to put him in the car.  

He may or may not have been -2 weeks old at this point.

Your turn.  When or where did you leave without your baby?  Tell me I'm not the only one.

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  1. I've never left my babies behind, but when they've been really quiet in their backwards-facing car seats I've wondered and feared if they were really in there. When Emily was about a week or 2 old Steve took her with him to the Red Apple; while he was in line someone was asking him how he was doing with a new baby in the house and that's when he remembered that he had brought Emily; he had forgotten that he brought her and left her in the unlocked car in the parking lot! To his credit he was only getting one thing and was in the store for just a few minutes. Yes, this could have turned out to be one of those nightmare stories about kids left in cars for hours, thankfully it wasn't! Of course Steve doesn't go into any store for "hours". He waited a few weeks before he told me about this whole episode. ~Jaime E.