July 11, 2014

Sleepless Nights: How do I spell my name again?

James had just gone down for a nap, and my homework was finished.

Options available: clean the house...nah.  Take a nap...hmm maybe.  Call a friend...yes!

So I sat at the dining room table, still covered in an art project from the week before, and called up Nicole.  I was rather sleepy, but we hadn't chatted in ages, and I've been trying to accept the zombie-like state after being awake from 2-4 am. :)

We started chatting away while I picked up a brush and started to doodle.

I'll write my name...

My hands start to move the brush across the paper...while I keep chatting.

...S...                    ...u...                    ...s...

Oh crap! What comes next? 

My mind starts to panic as I keep the conversation on the phone going.  She has no idea.

What comes after the S!?  Come on girl, use your phonics.  I?  Is it i?  Sound it out....


S.U.S.I.no!  Its a.  S.u.s.a.  Ya that's it.  Write a.  Good thing no one is here.

Crisis averted.  Too bad phonics was never my strength.


  1. Hi Dan! Thanks for reading, I've been trying to share a bit more about motherhood. The fun, funny, and fabulous. :)