July 28, 2014

Life Lately: Why to always, always, always check your rear view mirrors.

Remember last Friday I mentioned that you should always check your rear view mirrors?  This is actually a year old, but I found it still in draft form in my cue.  Oops.  Regardless, its a good thought.

Tomorrow was the last day of school.  My last day as an art teacher at Mossyrock.  Possibly the last day of an art program in the district.  My car was packed and ready to roll, final graded assignments, notes for the students, questions for our "Art Year Review" game, candy for said game, as well as my purse.  Call me Mrs. Prepared (for once in my life).  I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face and peace in my heart.

Beep     beep    beep.  Egghhh 4:30am already?!
The bed shifted as Brad got up and headed towards the kitchen.

blink blink. What?  

Do you need anything out of your car?  I'm going to get the oil changed in it today.


Brad kissed my grouchy face before walking out of our room.  At that moment I remembered the student's final assignments were sitting in the back seat!!

Brad!  I called out from bed, and he poked his head back in.
Brad I need the artwork and papers out of the backseat.  Thanks babe!

My eyelids slid shut.  Crisis averted.  I heard the front door shut a final time and the car engine roar to life.  Gravel crunched as he started to back out, and my foggy mind snaped into focus.  The notes!  The game!  Their prizes!

Brad!  Braaaaad!  Wait, I forgot something!  Braaaaaaaaaaaad!
I'm at the front door by now, but he isn't slowing down.

Stop! Stoooop!  BRAD, WAIT!  
He is at the end of the driveway and I'm halfway there
...at full sprint
...5 months pregnant
...in whatever I threw on for pjs the night before
...hurtling barefoot down the driveway
...arms waving in the air like a mad woman

Somehow he doesn't see me.  He doesn't check his rear view mirrors, granted it was 5 am...but still.  He pulls onto the highway in front of our house and I hear him gaining speed.  A car honks at me as they drive past...

Ya I should get back inside.  

I could call or text, but we live in the Bermuda Triangle of cell service so he won't get it for 15 minutes.  Ah.  Well on to plan B.

I got a text from Brad during his lunch break...Did you know there are bags of candy in the front seat?
Yes.  Yes I did.  I put them there babe.

And that my friends is why you should always check your rear view mirrors.  Even at 5 am pulling out of your own driveway.  You never know, you may find a frantic pregnant woman chasing after you trying to claim some bags of candy and her purse and her notes for her students.  Be safe, check your mirrors.  Always check your mirrors.
*This story was written with the expressed verbal consent of Brad.

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