July 14, 2014

Dear James: 10 months

Hello James!

I love you buddy!  This month you've been grunting a lot...and making the babababa sound.  That said, your m.o. is still blowing bubbles and making noise that way. :)  You still have a smile for everyone, even if it is from my shoulder...such a sweet personality...everyone wants to be your best friend.  Toys are starting to be more interesting to you, and everything is still tested by your mouth first.  This month you have decided cheerios are the best form of food, and you flex your independence by refusing to be spoon-fed because you want to do it all by yourself.  You and I take two walks a day usually, and you thoroughly enjoy being outside.  Dad and I take your evening walk together which is a nice way to end the day, and you fall asleep in the stroller so easily.  Not a bad nightly routine.  The words that you know are James, Daddy, Mama, kisses and no, however you can't say any of them.  You are currently the proud owner of 6 teeth...the sixth just breaking through this past week.  Like a weirdo, you love having your teeth brushed.  Whatever buddy...it makes it nice and easy for me.  Still sleeping with your head facing the same direction each night.  Never one to actually need sleep, you still wake up between 2-3 times a night and get up for the day at 6am...like father like son.  Oh if you could hear the early morning plans being made for you when you're a bit older: fishing, history lessons on Hannibal crossing the Alps, and working on projects in the garage...maybe add breakfast in bed to the list too. ;)  You've graduated from your army crawl to a "normal crawl" and now to a tarzan half-crawl-half-lumber. You are so mobile now, and want to be everywhere at once exploring everything you can find.  This month you went on your first airplane ride: excellent passenger, went to your first wedding: Uncle Jake and Aunt Amanda, went swimming for the first time: kiddie pool and love splashing.  You are such a blessing in our lives, we pray for many more years with you.

Slowly cruising around the furniture
Crawling/tarzaning like a fiend
Feeding yourself well
Giving alligator kisses

Mama & Daddy

P.S. We love that you always hum when eating...its hilarious! And getting you to sit still for these pictures wasn't happening.

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