July 18, 2014

a morning I never want to forget

My morning baby was happy and calling for me from his crib.  Naptime was over, and it was time to play!  Pay no mind that the nap was from 8-8:45am, I call him morning baby for a reason. :)  Scooping him up a hug of gurgles and grunts, we headed to the living room floor.  We had laid there for a while building and destroying block towers, reading about Pumpkin the puppy and eating cheerios, when he decided that wrestling was what was missing...so he hauled himself up and proceeded to wrestle himself on top of me and ended with me on my back and his face just above mine.  A look of triumph glinted in his little eyes, and then I asked him for a kiss.  His adorable mouth opened and began to cover my cheeks in drooly alligator kisses (open mouth aaahhh sounds) all the while laughing.  (I can NEVER get this kiddo to laugh!)  So I snuggled him back, and he gave me more alligator kisses and we laughed on the floor both with sopping wet faces.  It was a pretty perfect morning.  Mornings like are what I treasure...what I want to remember...that I don't want to ever forget.

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