June 3, 2014

Dear James: 9 months

Hello Baby Boy!

You had a VERY eventful month...your first plane ride, your first tooth, first crawling, first big fall (when pulling yourself up), and first solid food!  You are currently the proud owner of 3 teeth, two on the bottom middle and one side fang. :)  You are still loving music, and will sniff out any technology in 50 ft.  You love trying to get ahold of cell phones, computer cords, tv clickers...even when I hide them!  Screens aside, your favorite place to be is outside.  You love watching the cars go by, or picking/eating the grass, watching the wind blow through the trees, basically anything outdoors.  With your fair skin, I am constantly hopping from shady spot to shady spot.  Cheerios.  You like them.  You like to try feeding them to yourself (release once it gets into you mouth buddy), but that isn't working too well yet.  Keep practicing.  As to the crawling front...you are still army crawling in the front, yet your knees are up in the back.  Booty in air, you can really cruise around the living room.  Your Auntie Moo and I were making chocolate-orange doughnuts in the kitchen, and you were playing in the living room.  All of the sudden we heard a sad cry and turned to see you crawling and peeking around the corner...you had lost sight of us in all your moving.  This morning you were playing on the floor in the bathroom while I was pulling my hair into a pony, and I saw you pull yourself up with help of the tub...two seconds later, you had slipped and banged your head on the doorframe.  Sorry I didn't catch you in time little James.  After some snuggling and mirror looking you were alright.  Lately you have been experimenting with volume when talking/singing...your favorite way is loud.  Loud singing when I'm on the phone, loud singing with the radio in the car, loud singing in the middle of church...I was hoping you wouldn't decide to serenade your Uncle and new Aunt during their wedding.  You didn't, but you did steal the show among family. ;)

Accomplishments this month
3 teeth
1st plane ride
solid food - cheerios, bananas, graham cracker pieces

Love you little Jamesy-boy,
Mama & Fadda

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