May 23, 2014

Sleepless Nights or trying to subtract one hour from 11 o'clock

"Sleepless Nights" is a new little mini series I am going to do with my worst best stories of sleepless nights with a newborn.  Since it is (mostly) behind me, I feel like I can better share these with a laugh.

It was early...too early.  James had just settled back to sleep after a 5am snack, and I lay there thinking about the coming day.  We had a doctor's appointment and shots.  Shots.  Out of the fuzziness of my morning mind some pieces starting floating together.

"I need to give him some tylenol before the appointment so that it is in his system.  Right?  Didn't they say something about that? hour before..."

My mind clicked into problem solving mode.  One hour before.  The appointment is at 11 so one hour before would be...

one hour before would be...  Nothing comes.  My mind is totally blank.

"Ok, count backwards from 11.  10:50, 10:40, 10:30, 10:20, 10:10, 10:00, 9:50, 9:40, 9:30, 9:20...9:20?  Do I give it to him at 9:20?  That doesn't seem right..."

I repeat the counting process using my fingers this time.  This time I end up with 9:50.

"What is one hour before 11?!"  I am getting more confused each moment at this point, but sleep is crowding in.

"I'll figure it out later...maybe I'll text Brad..."

"...what is an hour before 11 o'clock?...."


Clearly, time should not be calculated on little sleep.