May 12, 2014

Life lately: a call for reading the news

Do you watch the news?  Or read it online?  I do.  So many people of my generation choose not to...all media is biased in some direction...everything is too depressing...not enough time...boring...starving children are so cliche (yes that last one was a real reason given to me).  It would seem that we as a generation have become extremely callous or at the very least too busy.  I get it.  Really, I do because sometimes it just isn't fun to know.

We live in such a day and age where we have access to the world like no people before...if I want to know the weather in Istanbul, I can find it from my living room chair.  If I want to see a picture of Angkor Wat, I can do so standing in my kitchen pouring tea.  We are able to know so much at the touch of a button!  We can see the top 10 most beautiful sites in the world, or we can see the latest cat video.  We can also see what is happening to/with fellow human beings around the world.  It is beautiful and horrifying...heart warming and shocking...But whether or not we actually read the news, it is still happening.

There are wonderful things happening in the world as well as heartbreaking things; often they come hand in hand.  A devastating event can the stage for a beautiful response.  We read about the huge landslide that covered part of a village in Argo, Afghanistan, and how aid has arrived to help them work through what just happened.  We can read about the latest news about the fire in Ukraine, and how afterwards someone set up vases of flowers on the burned out cars.  You can find the good or beautiful moments in the news, but I will readily admit that it does take cultivation to see it that way.

It is true that bad news travels fast; so often there is more bad on the news.  Why does the media think the public isn't excited about village X that has never seen a war visit its streets?!  I have no idea.

What you choose to do with your time is your prerogative.  But today, just today, read the news...the international news...and let it sink in.  Let your heart be broken for the mass graves that have been found in South Sudan.  Let it be broken.  Who knows you may even be compelled to do something about it.  Send up a prayer.  Discuss it with a friend.  Maybe even uit your job and dedicate your life to change it.

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