May 9, 2014

How To: Camp with a baby

Camping with James was a new Mom is amazing for all the prep she must have done with us 5 kids!  After talking with a few is a list of what was the most helpful.

       - a thick blanket (large enough for baby AND you to sit on)
       - extra socks
       - an umbrella stroller
       - one favorite toy
       - several bibs
       - a zip-up hoodie for you

And here is the list explained:  The blanket was a life saver for us to play on the ground together without getting wet/too icky.  The extra socks doubled as mittens on the cold mornings before the fire was blazing and helped keep his little mits toasty warm during walks.  The umbrella stroller, (he has been preferring over the carrier lately) was not only a chair for him during meals and evenings, but he also just loves being in it and moving.  I didn't want to even bring any toys because the purpose of camping was to get him experiencing the outdoors, but I did bring one.  His favorite toy was helpful to keep him entertained while we were cooking and couldn't be holding/introducing him to the trees and rocks.  We only brought one bib.  What was I thinking?!  I had to scrape/wash it off after every meal and dry it by the smelled like smoke even after several washings.  The zip-up hoodie was another fail...I don't even own one, but wish I did for middle of the night feedings when sitting out of the sleeping bag froze my arms.  (no worries, James was cozily wrapped in the sleeping bag.)  next time.
 My last tip for sure to pack extra black tea for the mornings because sometimes an exciting new experience for baby means waking up A LOT due to over stimulation, and you'll need the extra kick.


  1. Love the tiger zip up! Also, I think you should have a caption contest in some up coming blogs. Brad and James faces in the tent- priceless!-Stephanie

  2. Ooh! Good idea...I'll have to find some good pics for it.

  3. Great tips! I hope we can go camping with our little one some day...