May 3, 2014

Dear James: 8 months

Hello James,

You've been going through so many first this month!  Every day you are showing more of your personality and little quirks, which we are LOVING!  Like the way you turn your head to the side when you fall asleep.  Like the way you rub your eyes when you're tired, but upon waking up, you immediately alight with a smile.  Like the way you scratch your chest with one finger like your Great-Grandpa McCurry.  Like the way you raise one eyebrow when presented with multiple faces.  Little buddy!  We love waking up to your perfect little face and the way you reach for me or Daddy when you're tired of playing on the floor.  You have such a fascination with the world around you, especially anything may have tasted several branches as we inspected the budding leaves last week.  We spent the day today watching a bulldozer and excavator make a new driveway for our neighbors.  You thoroughly enjoyed the noise, movement, and sunshine.  Faces are another fascination of yours and you've pulled the glasses right off my face several times in search of eyes to gouge touch.  This month we took you camping for the first time, and you seemed to enjoy it...except for one especially cold morning.  Camping with you was a bit different than camping without you, both are fun.  :)  This month you've also given up your soothie...with no push or encouragement from us at all.  You've decided that you no longer need it, and can comfort yourself other ways.

Pulling yourself to standing
Trying to feed yourself
Eating purees
Blowing bubbles
Sleeping (mostly) in your crib

We love you JT!
Mama & Daddy


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    1. Thanks Stephanie! It seems like he is growing up SO fast!