April 5, 2014

Dear James: 7 months

Hello James!

You've passed halfway through your first year!  This month, we hopefully identified the source of your discomfort (allergies), and you've been showing more of your sweet, active disposition.  You seem to be a pretty quiet fella, who likes to be exploring everything...which means you will be everywhere once you start crawling!  You prefer to be held by me, and let people know when that time needs to happen.  However, you love to be around people which makes outings to Joann Fabrics nice because I get to browse while you charm the socks off everyone.  You love to be held and are currently want to be held all day and scream if it isn't happening.  One of your favorite activities is standing on the windowsill and watching whatever is happening outside.  Having the bird feeder right there has been a fun source of entertainment for you.  Going on walks is another big hit, so we go at least twice a week.  Your favorite quieter game is to have any piece of cloth waved back and forth over your head while you try to capture and eat it.  Daddy has been taking you into the garage for "man time" where you sit and listen to NPR, smell the sawdust and see his latest projects.  You've made it to 15 lbs, and while you'll never be called chubby, those cheeks are yours are SO squishy.

eating pureed food
sleeping in your crib (not cradle)
reaching for people
blowing bubbles
standing with support

Love you little tootsie!
Mama and Fadda

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  1. man he is a cute little guy! I cant wait to see him at the wedding!!!