March 19, 2014


James and I go for a walk almost every day...even in the sprinkling rain, not so much in the torrents.  While you may recognize one of the pictures from Tuesday, I had to share them again.  You see, there are a lot of cows around here.  (Yes, we really are talking about cows again.  It runs in the family..remember?)  So these particular cows are really interesting.
See what I mean?!  They aren't actually cows; apparently they are yaks.  [ EDIT:  actually they are Scottish Highland Cattle; a friend who would know let me in on their true identity.  So ignore my ramblings about yaks. :) ]
These two yaks are pretty cool looking...if I were to name them the reddish one would be Curly-Bear and the whitish one would be Lars.  Curly-Bear and Lars have little baby yak, who isn't pictured but is a cutie.  The only thing I really know about yaks is that they are part of the bovine family, and that they taste strange as hamburger...yakburger.  I've only had a yak-burger once, and it was more than enough.  Have you seen anything interesting/new lately?