March 3, 2014

Dear James: 6 months

Hello Fella,

You are doing super well this month my little love.  Ever a fan of music, you've expanded into techno particularly Beethoven's techno remixes...disco fever!  You've also graduated to 6 months clothes, you big boy 14.75 lber.  You are still my morning boy, always awaking in the morning with coos etc.  However, after naps you have been waking grumpy lately.  You can sit up on your own for a little bit.  Toes are sucked on around here because you love to grab them and anything in your hand is fair game for your mouth.  Everything goes into your, hands, blankets, shirts, my hair, scarves, you name it.  Socks hardly last because they get pulled off quickly.  When grabbing for things, you tend to favor your left hand, but neither your Dad nor I are lefties which is funny.  You laughed for the first time when Uncle Jordan was visiting last week, and it was the best sound ever.  Luckily we got it recorded for you to see in the future.  Things are going well for you, so it seems.   But we took you to the doctor today to get some things sorted out, which should help your crying and tummy.  You can follow me across the room, and play with toys now rather than simply watch.  This has made walks much  more exciting...speaking of exciting you love to watch the birds land on our feeder, but your waves of excitement scare them away as soon as they land.  :)

sitting up on your own
passing objects from one hand to the other
put your toes in your mouth

Love you tootsie!
Mama and Fadda

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