March 26, 2014


"Pictures of the everyday, once a week in 2014."
1.  The sunsets have been gorgeous this past week...with sunbeams shooting out as it touched the treeline.
2.  A 70 degree day meant a family trip to the park...where we snacked on the last of these tangerines.  Can anyone tell me what formal color palette this is? nerdiness coming out.
 3.  My violas/violets are in full bloom, and look gorgeous in my little bed.  These things spread like no other, and I love that they bloom all summer long!

P.S. The color palette would be complementary: blue/orange....opposites on the color wheel.

1 comment:

  1. You didn't give me a chance to put in 'complementary'. I knew because when I was in high school art 101 (I went to a huge high school and there were 10 to 15 different art classes to take) one assignment was to paint a picture with 2 complementary colors. Guess which 2 I picked? You got it!