February 10, 2014

Music Memories: Pearl Jam "Yellow Ledbetter"you

Also available to listen to here:  youtube

Time: 2008-2009
Place: Ford Focus aka Harold

In high school, I lived in a room out in a garage converted to a living room...my older brother had the other room.  I thought he was so cool, and he had a stereo in his room with a collection of cds that were equally cool.  This was post-napster so music collections were much smaller. Anyways he was the one who introduced me to great bands like Pearl Jam, Hootie and the Blowfish (Darius Rucker - country singer?! awesome), Guns and Roses, etc.  This song reminds me of him and driving to work at a little coffee and lunch cafe during the summers between college.  I can see the sun shining as I put behind the log trucks clogging the highway on their way to the mill.  The radio cranked loud...mmm.  Warm air, good songs, the sun, warmness...  Aside from being a great sounding song, the fact that Eddie Vedder changes the lyrics every time he sings it!?  might just make my free spirited soul burst.

It is freezing, well below freezing here, can you tell where my mind has been today?  Oh warm sunny days, and a long road ahead of me...I'm getting excited to see you again.

PS.  I was subbing the other day and one of the students didn't know what a stereo was.  Serious.
I. Felt. So. Old.

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