February 2, 2014

January: how I cooked like a fiend

We all know I am not a cook.  Do I need to talk about baked potato meals again?  One of my goals this year is to cook twice a week...now I know you're thinking, don't you eat more than twice a week?  And the answer is that yes, we do eat daily, but I don't consider mac'n'cheese, sandwiches or baked potato meals cooking.  Growing up my Mom was the best cook ever, who got it from my Grandma who is also the best cook ever and then there was me...  I realize that I as a person am more than the sum of my cooking, but it is was a source of disappointment in myself.

My challenge was to cook twice a week all year...cook a meal...with (gasp) side dish/es.  I decided to try and do the cooking on Mondays and Wednesdays so that we could have leftovers on Tuesdays and Thursdays (we usually have pizza on Friday as a Clark tradition continued and we share duties on the weekends)...it has been lovely.

Here is what I've conquered this January...it has been a delicious journey.

sweet potato cilantro enchilada casserole (with homemade corn tortillas)
baked ziti with homemade garlic bread
lentil stew with cornbread and honey and oranges for dessert
everything omelets with cornbread and honey
carrot wild rice soup with biscuits
apricot chicken with jasmine rice and green beans (last of our garden this summer)
curry lentil soup with fruit salad
sauteed veggies over jasmine rice and applesauce
roasted rotisserie chicken over jasmine rice with green beans and applesauce (weird combo I know)
baked potatoes with chili and crunchy onions, sourdough bread and fruit

Ok so I failed the last cooking time of the month with baked potato meals, but in my defense Brad really, really wanted them.  Can you see the different kicks I got into...cornbread...soup...rice?

New Year's cooking goal:  one month down, one to go!


  1. way to go susan!! your meals are making me very hungry! i'd love the recipe for the sweet potato enchiladas and i have a vegetarian chili verde soup that I think you guys would like. It has fluffy hominy that is fun looking and tastes great! James is looking so big in the recent posts! miss you susan! love, nicolita

    1. OOH! That soup sounds so good. It was 34 degrees this morning, and soup sounds perfect. You will love this, but I've already written the enchilada recipe down for you in a letter mailed off this morning. :) Miss you Nicole, but soak up some sun for me today and enjoy your walk.