February 1, 2014

Girl Behind the Blog: Blogcation Linkup

Alrighty, hi!  I'm taking part in the linkup held by Ashley and Ali about our favorite vacation.  I did one take and watched it once...why does my voice sound so weird and why do my eyebrows raise so often?!  Anywhos...if you are here from that link up thanks for stopping by.  If you are a regular reader, feel free to listen of a recap of the bathrooms week-long road trip from this summer OR skip it and say something nice below.  :)  Also I'm almost whispering because James is asleep next to me...you will prolly need to turn up your mic.

Thanks for stopping by!  Read the play by plays of the road trip here:  days 123456 & 7


  1. cool Vlog. I didn't know you were so connected in the world of bloggin. nice story

  2. Thanks Dan, ya I'm not super connected, so I'm trying to be more so with people whose blogs I read. :)

  3. I LOVE road trips. :D They're my favorite kind of vacation. My husband and I did a huge one up to West Edmonton Mall this past summer from central Washington in 3 days and had sooo much fun. And we're like you guys...we don't really listen to music while we drive. We talk and talk and talk. :) Thanks for sharing. Your vlog was super cute.