February 3, 2014

Dear James: 5 months

Hello James!

Well my boy, you're learning and changing daily.  Lately you've been  interested in toys...you want to play (but are still working on the whole hand-eye coordination thing) and can bat at or grasp after several attempts.  Noisemakers are particularly interesting if you are fussy especially your elephant that beeps twinkle twinkle little star.  Car rides are still a favorite of yours, usually, I think because you like to be moving.  And you sure like to move!  If you're being held, you want to be bounced, spun, rocked, jiggled, swung, etc.  You had been sleeping through the night like a champ, but the past two weeks, you decided enough of that nonsense and have been waking up ravenous between 3 - 4 am.  Apparently you are starting a growth spurt.  Ever the morning boy, ofttimes you decide to make that the start of our day...Mama is not so thrilled on those days.  In other news, your cat naps have started to turn into hour long ones, and it is wonderful because you wake up much happier!  We finally got you some socks that will fit...size 12 months.  You've started to prefer me or Dad over other people, I thought it was a bit early but who knows.  Sometimes all it takes to calm you down is to hand you to Dad or me, and those tears dry right up...much to the chagrin of your extended family.  You've been a trooper, as I've started substituting once a week at different schools in the area.  (Can't lie, I cried the first day I left you with Grandma.  You, however, seemed fine.)  Your Dad has been subjecting serenading you to/with Alan Jackson and Randy Travis, and you are liking it well enough.  You seem to like everything when it comes to music but Matisyahu has been the best for soothing you lately.

- Found your toes!
- Grasps things placed close to your face
- Sitting up with assistance
- Responding across the room to Dad and Mama
- Pushing yourself to standing position when held
- Started making maaa and baa sounds...so long whale noises

Great job bud!  Love you,
Mama and Fadda


  1. AH!! That smile is tooo cute. :) What a darling baby.

    1. Thanks Shaina, I feel like he just gets more grown up everyday. :)