February 6, 2014

Confession: lets get real about postpartum

Lets start from the beginning...I was pregnant during the summer, and during the summer one does not wear any shoes aside from flip-flops.  So my entire 2nd & 3rd trimester were spent sporting flip-flops, and then I had James.  NO ONE, I mean no one told me that I would swell after birth (I heard you would with an epidural, but I didn't have one).  My feet tripled in size to where even flip-flops no longer fit!  They said that when pressing on the swollen area, it should "pop" back up after 30 second...well 2 minutes later, I still had finger divots.  It was a bit ridiculous, and they guessed I had about 3-5 lbs of water weight in each of my ankles and feet alone.  

Eventually they started to shrink.  About one month postpartum, I still couldn't wear any of my shoes, so my sister bought me some moccasin shoes/slippers that I've been sporting since.  None of my beautiful shoes fit still so I've had to find new owners or thrift shops to share them with.  In the meantime I've been wearing slippers around day in day out for several months now, and we finally decided to remedy the situation only to find that now my feet are so wide that apparently there are no shoes in the world that are both cute and comfortable and reasonably priced.  Why are all shoes narrow in the toe?  I cannot be the only one out there.  I am hopefully going to have a more professional option, but for now I finally ended up with a pair of tan birkenstock-like clogs bringing my options up to two.  Still thankful that something fits. :)

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