January 8, 2014

Dear James: 4 months

Hello widdle Jamesy-waymsy,
You've had your first Christmas!  It was such a special one for us, and you met new family members Clark second cousins, and McCurry aunt and uncles (all of whom love you SOO much).  We love you son and you change so much each week that we are constantly amazed at how God crafts you.  You found the Christmas lights were captivating, as you do most lights, and enjoyed playing under the tree looking up at the lights.  (supervised of course)  You've left behind your sheep goat noises, and coo-sighs are becoming rare too.  You are talking now, not English, but rather whale.  No one really knows what you mean, but happy or sad you are willing to talk it out when encouraged.  You've become a big boy and slept for eight hours the last few nights!!!  Please, please, please say this is a new phase.  I don't think we need to go back to the 4 hour deal.  It was a huge leap, waking up every four hours and switching to sleeping for eight.  You've also started eating more at night...prolly gearing up for the long night of fasting. :)  I will gladly trade 2 hour grazing/nursing for 8 hour sleeps.  In other news, you have found both of your hands.  Still unable to open them, you often can be found staring at your little fist as it wobbles around in front of you.  Lefty is the most recent discovery.  That said, you are able to put either in your mouth...trying to suck your thumb?  Usually you end up with your pointer finger and thumb inside and drool everywhere.  You are a pro at rolling over, and will do so as soon as I put you on your tummy.  Perhaps in a hurry to be done and picked back up?  You love to be held, and a specific way (facing out).  You love, love, love to see the world around you.  My active boy, I am enjoying holding you in this stage because with your level of interest I sense that you will be EVERYWHERE once you can crawl.  The only time you are ready to snuggle facing inward is if you are fighting sleep or have been a sad boy.  Colic is leaving you, which has been a huge blessing.  There were some days that I wanted to drive away in search of silence while you wailed in your crib.  Of course, this never was going to happen, but the thought did cross my mind.

Accomplishments this month:
rolling over - both to the right and left
discovery of your hands
enjoying baths in the real tub
huge smiles in response to people
sad face and pouty lip
recognizing Mama and Dad from across the room

Love you so much!
Dad and Mama

PS You have feet to discover too!

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