December 13, 2013

I saw a sign: response

My seester in law just posted about a creepy/cute sign near to where she lives in 'Bama.  Toll Tide.  I saw a sign recently too, but it was a bit different.  Background first.  Here is a picture of my neighbors...

Or at least a few of my neighbors, I do actually live next to people as well!  But out in my part of the country, there are a lot of cows.  A LOT of cows.  I went to the post office the other day and noticed a sign posted to the front door...LOST, black heifer on Justice Rd, if spotted call...etc.  I've seen lost dog signs, lost cat signs, but never one for a lost cow.  Hmmm.  Does it bother me? no.  Did I smile?  yes.

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