December 2, 2013

Dear James: 3 months

(phone pic)

Dear James,

You've been so much fun to watch grow this month.  You've tripled in weight!!! At 12 pounds, son, you have really chubbed up and even have a little double chin.  We never thought that would happen!  Every night between 6:00 to 10:00 you usually have a cry fest which is so sad to see because you've developed the saddest sad face...quivery lip, big crocodile tears, the whole thing.  We thing you might have colic because you have been so inconsolable this month.  I won't lie James, some days your Dad came home to two crying people while I wave my white flag of surrender.  Sometimes you quiet down when Dad starts fake crying loudly, you seem so confused.  When you're not crying, as a definite people person, you enjoy being passed around to family or friends all of whom have no problem pouring on the love.  You are still a morning boy, and I suppose I need to accept this...we'll see.  You rarely have a sleepy transition time when you wake up.  Once you are awake, it's PING! eyes open and talking.  During your awake times, you soak in everything.  It is hilarious to watch you because you keep your eyebrows stretched SO high (to see as much as possible?).  You love to be moving...always.  Bouncing around is your favorite and it would seem the rougher the better.  We got a swing which is your favorite nap place aside from being held.  Napping or awake, your hands are like sound radar...if fingers stretched out and upright you are alert if resting you are comfortable.  It has been fun to see you doing so much changing this month.
Accomplishments this month:
Rolled over 3 times!!
Strong neck only a bit wobbly
Smiles everyday
Starting to talk and make noises
Maybe teething or just drooling and chewing?
Sleeping for 6 hrs a night (Mom is most excited about this one)

Loves little guy,
Dad and Mama

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  1. he's bigger than his stuffed animal now!. PS this is Dan on Stephs account