November 4, 2013

Dear James: 2 months

I changed up my mind moving my face...

Dear James,

Happy 2 months here son!  This month has been tons of fun getting to know a bit more of your personality.  You are definitely a little morning person; 4:00 am is still your most active time of day.  When you are asleep, Dad likes to test the depth of it by raising and dropping one of your arms...if it stiffens halfway down...faking it!  You are a big snuggler and love to be held.  I'm trying to soak them all in because I know it won't last forever.  Being home with you all day has me talking constantly, and if I'm not talking to you then I'm singing...or talk/ much so that I'm starting to annoy myself.  You aren't really a fan of the quiet though, so I've enlisted Pandora to give you better variety and myself a break.  When Dad gets home, you get airplane rides around the house as your plane dodges missiles, pushes through multiple engine failures and suffers altitude loss.  These airplane rides will calm you down anytime you're feeling off, and watching your eyes get big is hilarious.  You are a curious fella, always looking and looking with big blue eyes.  Speaking of eyes, yours are changing from a dark charcoal to a dark blue.  You really, really, really hate baths still, as in you've pooped or whizzed on me each time I've given you one.  This is not so fun for either of us, maybe wait at least until I wrap you in a towel or lay you down or hand you to Dad.  That would be lovely.

Accomplishments this month include:
gaining neck strength; you love to catapult yourself across whoever is holding you
smiling and grinning at thoughts in your head
loving tummy time
shooting milk out of your nose
grabbing things placed in your palm
sleeping during the night in 3 hr stretches usually
excellently behaved boy during church

Love you dearly,
Dad and Mama

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