October 25, 2013

Ike Kinswa and all the fall colors

Ike Kinswa State Park is minutes from my front door; we've fished there before.  After hearing that their leaves are finally turning, James and I spent the afternoon enjoying the leaves. (thanks for the heads up Papa)
They were in varying degrees of hibernation...from brilliant reds to yellows.
 The leaves carpeted the moss below.
So much so that I had to put sleeping James down for a picture...
 He woke up pretty quickly and wasn't too thrilled to have gone so long without food.
 So we moseyed over to a more secluded area to eat a bit beneath a golden tree....
 ...where he promptly barfed up his meal on my new iphone, but the view was worth it.
What have you been doing to enjoy the fall?


  1. Susan! I love the colorful post... that ends with the baby reality of barf. Haha. My roommate & I may be listening to a bit of instrumental Christmas music as well as pulling out boots & sweaters. My favorite thing, however, has been a joyous return to cooking and making soups and an insane pumpkin cake. Yay for fall!! ~Indie

    1. Howdy Indie! I love the boots and sweaters weather...but none of my shoes still fit after pregnancy(I think my feet widened for good :( ). I've been either barefoot or wearing the mocs Julianne got me for our birthday. I'm not normally a pumpkin fan, but I just tried curry pumpkin soup and it was DELISH. Love you.

  2. Beautiful photos, Susan! We love going to Ike Kinswa when no one is there. The fall season has been extremely busy for us with soccer and school, but we have also been able to enjoy my favorite time of year with instrumental music, candles, fall drives, coffee, and last week we went to the cider mill/ pumpkin patch and on a beautiful hike up High Rock: what gorgeous/ breath-taking views awaited us at the top!! Happy Fall! ~Jaime E.

    1. Your soccer schedule sounded so hectic! There is just a wonderful mood and feeling fall brings...a hunkering down. High Rock is a fabulous hike. Short but STEEP.