October 17, 2013

Home Sweet Home: James' Nook

Want to see how we fit a nursery into a one bedroom house?   Because our room was rather large, we set aside the front portion with the closet for James.  It is roughly 6 ft square with our closet taking up one wall, and a door taking half of another.  We are still in the process of getting it totally finished, but we are close!  There are still a few picture frames for the shelves, his name (arrived yesterday thank you Powells!), a little dresser for his clothes and a prayer to hang up.  With such  small space, we got got a lot in place!
from the doorway
the little orange cranes are made out of orange tootsie wrappers...my craving
from our side

This mini crib is acting as a changing table at the moment while he is in a cradle on the opposite side of the curtain...close to our bed for quickly picking him up during the night.  It works out quite well!


  1. The nursery is great, Susan! No matter how big your house is, you wouldn't want him to be too far away anyway. ~Jaime E.

    1. Hi Jaime! Thanks, w really like the little space we carved out for him. That said, we don't really spend much time there save for a few diaper changed (but that often happens all over the house). :)

  2. In an earth quake all that stuff on the shelf is going to come tumbling down. Please fix.

  3. Hi anonymous, thanks for showing concern for James. However, rest assured that everything currently above his changing table is soft. We are well aware that things fall during big earthquakes. However, it is a changing table and not place for him to sleep.