October 3, 2013

Dear James: 1 month

Still working on holding up his head
Dear James,

You are one month old already, and your due date is still 6 days away!  You really surprised us by kicking down the doors early...while our hearts were more than ready, sadly your nook was less so.  Maybe this next week we'll get your clothes off the floor and onto shelves.  Sitting with you in the hospital for 16 days watching you and your monitors was a struggle to say the least, yet coming so early left you with a lot of conquer right off the bat.  You took it head on and started eating like a champ, but breathing and keeping that little heart beating was another story.  You've done so much this month; much more than I thought possible.  We have been in constant prayer for you, as have so many people.  Our Lord has been watching you through it all and has brought you to us healthy and full of fun noises.  As for noises, our favorite is the sheep goat sound you so often make when waking up. Neh-eh-eh-eh  Everyone who sees you says how much you look like your dad, but I know something of me is hidden in there too.  There is no doubt that you hate bath time but love the snuggling afterwards.  You aren't much of a fusser at all unless you are messing your pants, then watch out!

Accomplishments this month include:
growing 2+ lbs and 2+ inches
turning your head during tummy time
nursing like a champ
responding to Clair de Lune and Sweet Baby James everytime they play
earning the nickname One-Eyed-James
hold the award of "Longest Hospital Stay" in our family
breathing and heart pumping without "events"

Love you dearly,
Dad and Mama


  1. he is beautiful! the middle pic is my favorite. i wonder what thoughts are passing behind those beautiful eyes. good job brad & susan. now I have three of you to miss!

  2. but now i glanced again at the last one and i love that one too! james tiberius is one handsome little fella! love you guys!

    1. Haha. Oh Nicole, we do miss you, and need to make our way to central California. I have taken a ridiculous number of pics in September...273!!! Love you.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Allison, we think he is pretty handsome too!