September 15, 2013

Little Clark: 34 weeks and 6 days

Surprise!  Guess who came early?!  REALLY surprise we are actually having this baby now.  We have been at the hospital since September 2nd with our little fella.  He is having breathing and heart problems that keep him in the "Special Care" nursery.  It has been a long draining process in every way.  Sitting by watching our tiny baby turn purple as he flat-lines across the screen isn't exactly how I imagined our initial family bonding.  Although those periods are still common daily occurrences, we have so much to be thankful for with James.  He is gaining weight, out of his incubator, eating like a champ,and no longer jaundiced!  We are so thankful for family and friends who have been praying for James to get well as well as taking care of Brad and I.  We are so blessed to be surrounded by a community who takes care of us;  dishes have been washed, laundry done, meals brought, housing provided, target trips, lunch dates, and visits and encouragement galore.  If you've been part of that, thank you!  If you want to remember us in your prayers, we would love it!

Naturally, things are busy here and this blog isn't a huge priority.  :)  I'll do my best to keep you filled in, but please don't expect much from a new mama sleeping every night on a hospital chair bed.


  1. It is ridiculous how much his cute little face looks like Brad! Beautiful Family! You are in my prayers!

    1. Krystle I agree he is Brad's mini-me! Thanks for your prayers, we really appreciate them right now.