September 23, 2013

Home safely with refreshed & new knowledge

We are home safely.  Thank you again for your prayers.  Those 16 days living at the hospital weren't exactly how I imagined our first moments as a family...but when is life ever what we expect?  We are starting to settle in at home.  Brad's first night with James was last Thursday, around 2 am he rolled over and asked me "Does he ever sleep?".  Ya, not really.  We are all adjusting to say the least but no complaints here because at least we are home as a whole family!  Some of the things we learned in the nursery...

God is still in control.

Doctor rounds require not just mental but emotional bolstering, but missing one leaves too much room for guessing.

Words like bradycardia or apnea or desat actually have meaning.

The innocent question, "when do you get to go home?" can cause a crying breakdown or angry meltdown or both.

Nurses chart everything...diaper weights, who fed the baby, poop color, skin color changes, etc.

Your breathe can hang on weigh-in time (why at 2am?! nothing good could happen then)...grams gained or lost mean worlds.

Getting to hold your child for a whole unscheduled hour is a luxury.  

Seeing new babies come in brings waves of compassion for the parents and prayers for total strangers.

Sometimes it felt like James wasn't even ours but that we were renting a baby; they said it was a normal feeling for NICU parents.

It is beautiful to see who "shows up" (phone calls, visits, texts, cards, dinners, etc) when life gets stormy.

The less privacy means a sicker our hospital at least.

All sorts of crap can all be ordered for the same day...hello catheter, new IV port, lumbar puncture, brain sonogram, and blood draw.


  1. I'm so thankful and glad to hear that you are all home, Susan! I will continue to keep each of you in prayer as you adjust to your new normal. May God give you all that you need during this time and may His name be praised. I still have your baby gift to give you! Love to each of you, Jaime E.

  2. oh my gosh! so glad to hear things are better! My mama's heart aches for you! What a trying experience. Your baby boy is so lucky to have such a faithful loving mama! <3

    1. Hi Ali! Thanks for stopping by...we are so glad to be doing better.