August 27, 2013

Nashville Roadtrip part 7: Nashville - Seattle - Cinebar

After a brief evening in Nashville, we awoke to another sticky morning.  Oh the humidity makes any heat a million times worse!  We got a phone call from our road trip buddies that they were just entering Tennessee!  Apparently, they woke at 3 am and had been on the road for hours already.  We snagged some breakfast snacks at the gas station and settled into getting the car ready for its new drivers. Dan and Stephanie drove into our hotel an hour later, looking alert but tired from their early morning journey.  We were finally able to be with our fellow drivers!!  (if only for a few hours)  We rested, chatted, enjoyed lunch together, and departed.  Thank you Dan and Stephanie for having us be part of your move to Alabama!

Our flight home was delayed, but we did make our connection in Houston and finally to Seattle by 8pm.  It was a long, exhausting I don't want to repeat any time soon.  On the flight from Houston to Seattle, one seat mate (not Brad) kept blowing his nose into his hand and wiping it on the nearest surface...needless to say I was quite sickened.  

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