August 26, 2013

Nashville Roadtrip Part 6: Upland to Nashville

It was our last day on the road!  Leaving Jake and Taylor University behind, we waved goodbye to Indiana and hello to Kentucky and our final destination of Tennessee!  This was the shortest day only a mere 5.5 hrs of driving!  We were going to celebrate our early (3pm) arrival by venturing into downtown Nashville...but we took a coma nap instead.  We did celebrate that evening with dinner at the Cracker Barrel and take out dessert from The Cheesecake Factory. was a wonderful treat and end of a road trip.

Dear Kentucky, You are really proud of Colonel Sanders aren't you?  His face was plastered 6 stories high on buildings in Louisville!  Also, you surpass North Dakota for best rest areas of all time.  Gorgeous architecture, air-conditioned (bless you!), separate rooms for information, ice-cream vending have it all.  It is definitely what I would consider to be Southern summer weather, sticky and hot.
Nashville by day
Nashville by night
Dear Tennessee, We didn't see much of you at all.  Just a few hours driving through Nashville highways looking for food.  Perhaps another visit is in store, in order to have a better taste outside of the the airport and hotel.

On this day, Dan and Steph made a HUGE drive from Denver to St. Louis around 12 hrs driving only (no stops included)!!  Their goal was to make it to Nashville by the next morning to see us off at the airport and pick up their car for the last push to their new home (Tuscaloosa, AL).  

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  1. Susan, great pics and loved the captions. Thanks for letting us peek in on your life. Love it!
    Pam (H)