August 24, 2013

Nashville Roadtrip Part 5: St. Paul - Upland

Day 5 of the roadtrip:  Longest day ever...11.5 hrs of driving...crossing from Minnesota, into Wisconsin, through Illinois and over to Indiana.
Dear Minnesota, how can I be going literally 20 mph over the speed limit in a construction zone and still be passed by EVERY CAR?  You confuse me, but thank you for the beautiful sunrise and for housing my awesome family!
Dear Wisconsin, what can I say other than your drivers are possibly the worst in the nation...if you are going to pass someone try to take less than 10 minutes to do so going more than 1 mph more than them.  Sheesh!  Secondly, why so many McDonalds billboards hidden under the trees?  I have nothing else to say to you besides you have beautiful barns; may they runneth over.
Is anyone else confused?
Sorry for the poor quality, but all were snapped from a moving vehicle.
Dear Illinois, you are the only state to have no welcome sign on a major highway, but you did welcome us to the tollway, so...I suppose that counts.  Our experience of you was corn fields....dotted with white, two-story, box houses.  Maybe someone needs to break tradition and paint a house yellow.  Ya know?  Get all crazy-like?  Also, standing on any given overpass overpass could possibly put you at the highest point in the state. :)  Very straight roads always intersecting in a perfect NSEW conjunctions make for lots of stair stepping down across the state.  I have the feeling,  Illinois, that you enjoy order and tradition.
Dear Indiana, you are also cornfields...with two-story, box houses, but props for breaking into other colors like tan, cream and the occasional yellow. :)  Some of your little towns make me wonder how people buy groceries or make money or go to school.  They pop up so suddenly among the corn fields.  Coming from a very rural area, I feel like I should be able to keep perspective, but you bring a whole new meaning to the word remote.  I suppose the corn provides for those things?  However, you have the most exquisite architecture in those little towns...brick and old and beautiful.  Another thing you have going for you is Jake, so be kind to the free-spirited, west-coaster. :)

Day 5 of our trip was full of family, except of course our road trip buddies, who had made it to Denver finally!  Stephanie's perspective here.  We got to see so many beautiful states and enjoy familiy, long roads, and peanut m&ms.  


  1. Continuing the travel comparison, we drove, our ninth day, from the cabin in N WI through Madison to see our nephew from the other side of the family, to Michigan. Following day, the 22nd, we drove through Michigan to Toronto. Road trips are great fun! But it's also great fun to get back home!! Loved reading your blog! Aunt Di.

    1. Hi Aunti Di! Thats so fun that you took the same trip, especially getting to stay at Aunt Margaret's cabin. I did love the driving, but there is nothing like resting at home. Thanks for reading!