August 12, 2013

Nashville Roadtrip Part 4: Dickinson - St. Paul

By this time, in our roadtrip, our reststops were frequent, and my little feet were no longer little, no matter how much driving/walking/stretching was happening.

Today's Goal:  Make it across North Dakota, cross into Minnesota and be at Aunt Margaret's condo in St. Paul by 5pm.  We left the hotel by early, by 7am to give us plenty of time to make stops along the way.  Leaving behind Dickinson with all its oil-town-construction-madness (and "left turn protected on green arrow only" intersection signs) to a peacefully, rolling hill filled sunrise.

 Dear North Dakota,  Your rest stops are amazing.  The above picture is honoring an early morning stop.  Thank you for the free map and guide.  Nice clouds, lots of rolling hills, and, like MT, you are covered with billboards about 10 miles from each town...this is new to me.

Missippi River
Dear Minnesota, I had no idea how cultivated you are...we entered corn country right away...and what wasn't covered by corn was covered in water.  Land-o-Lakes you really are.  I must say however, that your drivers are ridiculous, and every road seemed to be under construction (must be all that miserable snow).  With fines doubling in work zones, the speed limit at 55, I was still being left in the dust at 75 mph...hmm.

We arrived at my Aunt's house, where she provided an amazing home cooked meal of sloppy joes, potato salad and tapioca fruit salad.  Somehow it all seemed to fit.  We had an excellent time visiting with her and her roommate of 20 years, Lois.  Getting to be with family is so rejuvinating!  Then we got another phone call...(maybe I was beginning to dread them at this point).  Dan and Steph were still in Billings, with hopes of leaving the next day pending repair parts...which apparently were nowhere in the vicinity.  They offered us their hotel in Upland, and vowed to meet us in Nashville no matter what.  Oh dear, that meant a 16 hour day, new route through Denver and St. Louis IF things would get going.  Our original plan was to stay two nights in Upland, but with all the changes, we decided to stay one night in Nashville to make it less of a mad-dash to the airport Monday morning.  With that changed, we headed to bed for a 6 am wake up call...prepping for a 11 hr drive the next day.

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  1. We still followed you.... after Medora we drove to Aunt Margaret's at the cabin! :)

    Forgot to identify myself on the last comment... this is aunt Diane.