August 9, 2013

Nashville Roadtrip Part 3: Butte - Dickinson

The Copper King Mansion...our residence for one night in Butte.  It was a historic mansion that is actually more like a museum, and they let you stay in a few of the rooms (for a fee of course).  If you've always dreamed of living the movie Night at the Museum, then this is the place for you...if not, then don't because it will creep you out.  I was quite creeped out and slept for a total of 3 hrs.  After a wonderful breakfast of french toast and good company, we were on the road again.  Agenda: Central & Eastern Montana & Western North Dakota, meet Dan & Steph in Dickinson, ND.

Upon stopping in Forsyth, Montana for a quick Town Pump gas up and restroom break (seriously, if you are driving through Montana, Town Pump has everything you could ever want and more) we got a phone call from my Dad.  He had news for us...Dan & Stephanie (who had no cell service)were having truck issues and were at a mechanic in Billings (2 hrs West of us).  Some sort of springs weren't working properly and causing all sorts of noise.  They were getting it fixed and would be getting into Dickinson late that evening, but they wanted us to keep driving forward.  Brad and I began praying...for Dan & Steph...for the truck...for patience & peace.
Around lunchtime, we were another relayed message (internet wasn't working for us, but we did have cell coverage).  Actually Team Dan & Steph were staying in Billings that night because they couldn't get the parts until the next morning.  The guys who fixed their brakes in Wenatchee hadn't screwed the lug-nuts in place, and all had snapped off but two!!  The wheel was barely hanging on, and was totally trashed as well.  Couldn't these guys ever have good news given to them?  More prayers were sent their the flip of a coin we ended up driving their Maxima which was working fantastically.  We pressed on, praying often for our buddies, enjoying the scenery, and crossing into North Dakota.

 Can't you just die from the beautiful colors and layers in these rocks?!

Theodore Roosevelt National Park looked crazy with all the domes popping out of the flat land.

We reached Dickinson, called Dan & Steph at their hotel and tentatively set up to meet in Upland, IN to stay with Jake.  Day three complete, much beauty, much stress, many prayers.

Dear North Dakota,  You are my favorite.  Not only do you have beautiful, clean bathrooms, but you also have a guide to all rest-stops across the state (this pregnant lady thanks you).  You have the smoothest roads thus far, and I thought I had developed a crush...which quickly dissipated after chatting with a local who told me that 10 below 0 was a normal winter which point I decided less snow is a non-negociable when it comes to moving.

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  1. Susan, we were just behind you on this road!! We actually camped at Sulley Creek State Park in Medora. Saw what you saw and loved it, aware of how tantalizing the summer temps are!