August 7, 2013

Nashville Roadtrip Part 2: Wenatchee - Butte

Day two started with an early morning call.  Around 6:30 am we rolled out of the Harris house to go unload the defunct van treasure into the truck.  With all the helping hands, it went quickly.  sDan & Steph were off to Les Schwab to get the brakes fixed, and we chilled at the Harris' eating delish breakfast.

We hit the road a bit later than planned...10:36am Dan & Stephanie decided to have us drive the Maxima and they started down the road in the truck!  We were off!  Leaving the Wenatchee River behind as well as the smoke filled skies (wildfire season).

Dear Washington, You win for coolest crop signs!   In the fences next to certain fields, it would name the plant being grown...field corn...grain corn...wheat.  So awesome!   Points to you!  Also Spokane you filled us with delish Chipotle, and provided some beautiful faded signs if you did slow down our drive time.

Dear Idaho,  You left me quite surprised.  I'll admit my expectations were low, but you were quite pretty with your forest filled hills and quaint towns scattered on the I-90.  If I ever need to go into hiding, I've found the perfect place!

Dear Montana,  There is a reason you are called the Big Sky, after coming down the mountain passes, I felt like I could stretch out for miles.  Props.  More to come on you in tomorrow's journey.  

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