August 6, 2013

Nashville Roadtrip Part 1: Cinebar - Wenatchee

We arrived home late last night after 6 days sans computer, limited internet, after a whirlwind week.  I'm so exhausted I can't think straight.  But lets start back at Day 1, that way it will unfold for you like it did for us.

Several weeks earlier, my brother and his love sent out an all-call for drivers to help with their move East.  I personally am a huge fan of roadtrips, but being in my third trimester, knew it could take a huge toll on me.  Brad was jumping with excitement.  (he LOVES roadtrips...he once drove over 24 hrs with a 1.5 hr nap).  His work had just given him a week of paid vacation, my doctor okayed it with several safety precautions, and the stars aligned.  We decided to go as their roadtrip buddies!

The Sunday Plan:  Take 5 days to drive through 10 states leaving on Wednesday morning, meeting up with Dan and Stephanie on day 2 in Dickinson, ND and making it to Nashville by Monday Aug. 5.

Plans are great.  Well actually I'm not a huge fan of them, but Brad is, and sometimes it IS a good idea to have one.  This roadtrip reminded me of this proverb...many are the plans of a man's heart, but the Lord determines his steps.  Ya.  There were a lot of broken plans on this trip, which you'll find in posts to come...luckily no broken hearts!

Tuesday morning I was getting ready to leave, cleaning the house, washing dishes, washing clothes, laying out our bags...ya know, the basic getting ready to leave for a week routine.  Then I got a phone call,  the car that was purchased to drive down to Alabama didn't just need a new battery, the engine was seized (it had broken down Monday on Dan & Stephanie's drive to Wenatchee).  Goodbye minivan.  This meant our sibs were stuck in Wenatchee when they were supposed to be traveling to Glacier National Park, for their first fun day of the trip.  Not ideal.  All sorts of ideas were tossed back and forth between, my folks, Dan and Steph, and me (Brad was at work).  They settled on borrowing my folk's truck to drive to Alabama, and have them drive it back when visiting in November.  NBD.  But now was the issue of getting it over there.   Wenatchee was 4-5 hrs away from the truck, how could it get there.  Well, Brad and I volunteered (he didn't know anything at this point) to drive it over after work.  Yikes!  I needed to get moving because everything was still in shambles at our house, and I hate coming home to a mess.

I texted Brad the change of plans at work, and this was his reply "ill pick up the stuff...let the adventure begin".  Oh my roll-with-the-punches-nothing-can-phase-me Brad.

After quickly getting the truck checked out for a cross-country drive, the mechanic let us know that the truck brakes are at 10%, so go to Les Schwab to have them fixed in the morning...

 So we drove that night, after he got off work caravan-ing to Wenatchee.  It was a beautiful start, but a bit tricky navigating stops.  We arrived around midnight with a 6am wake-up to load the truck the next morning. Five hours of driving, day one completed.
Leaving Western Washington

Rest stop #1
Eastern Washington
You can read about Stephanie's day here.  Or simply follow along on her blog here.

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