August 22, 2013

Little Clark: 33 weeks

Dear little Clark,

Well, you are supposedly over four pounds now, and just over 17 inches long!  And they expect you to grow another inch this coming week.  You are quite large, quite- quite large.  You still like to make yourself known with hearty jabs, but I think you must be getting a bit crammed.  This week we put some finishing touches in your little nook...all set up and hung a few items.  Your dad is building a few shelves for storage, the cradle will be here shortly, and ,(materially) I think we are just about ready.  We made it a goal to be all set-bags packed by September 11, which means we are right on track.  I've even frozen 2 meals!  I'm never this organized...EVER.  Don't expect life to be this organized once you get here, ok?  I sense that chaos will reign, but I'm good with chaos.  Your dad and I have talking about your name, still unknown, much to the chagrin of our families.  We wonder what your personality will be like...quiet, loud, somewhere between?  Are you going to be happy to be held by anyone or more shy?  Whoever you are, little one, we love you; of that you can be assured.

Hugs and kisses but never tickles,
Mama & Fadda

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