August 15, 2013

Little Clark: 32 weeks

Dear baby,

This week, you're so big my son!  We love you so much, and can hardly believe that you're around 16 inches long.  Whatever will we do with you once you get here.  Sometimes I wonder if you'll bust out before your time.  You've been moving everytime I eat something cold lately (prolly because you're roasting just like me).   By 8:30 pm I'm usually pooped and ready for bed, I guess this is the back to the first trimester tiredness.  We went to a birthing class this week, and learned tons of fun* and exciting things.  So I suppose, we are as ready as we'll ever be for you.  Sometimes it feels surreal, that you're coming...that you've been growing inside for 7.5 months.  On Saturday, we found out your new Clark cousin is going to be a girl!  Fun, fun, fun!  So you'll be the youngest cousin for just a few months before that status is handed off.  :)

Love you,
Mama & Fadda

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