August 9, 2013

Little Clark: 31 weeks

Hello Fella!

Well this past week has dubbed you a road tripper.  You've been through Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.  Great work! But something tells me you won't remember.  :)  This week you around supposed to be around 3.5 lbs and 16 inches long!  You sure are feeling ginormous inside me.  Your kicks and punches are so strong my entire belly moves.  You've been loving piano music (Grandma McCurry will be proud).  As far as I go, we finally figured out what the tingling and numbness in my fingers is...pregnancy carpal tunnel.  Not to worry though little one, it only affects me, so your little nerves are doing just fine with the swelling.  The midwife says that it will all diminish after you arrive.  I sewed you a little pillow for your nook the other day...very just says hello in english and arabic.  Your nook is developing well, all your clothes are sorted into totes under our bed, with the diapers washed or laid out awaiting their more permanent home.  Dividing curtains are hung to give you and us a bit more differentiation in is all an illusion tho, you'll really be 3 ft away.  We find out if your new cousin will be a boy or girl this coming week, and I can't wait to know because you will be so close in age.  Keep growing, be healthy, feel loved!

Love you always,
Mama & Fadda

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