July 24, 2013

Weekend Trip: Camping at Northfork

We recently went camping at North Fork Campground on the Cispus River.  We used to camp here when I was little, but the best part is that its only 45 mins away!  I wrote about our Saturday trip up to Mt. St. Helens here.  But most of the time was spent simply relaxing.  There is something about being outside surrouned by God's creation that is rejuvinating.  Its like he knew it would be and created us to listen, see and feel the outdoors.

The sunlight would filter down through the trees in the morning and afternoon...creating patches of warmth for us to soak in.
The river was right next to our tent, and we could hear it rushing over the rocks all day and night.
The flickering of bugs and songs of birds were twittering in our ears as we spent time reading and chatting.   It was hilarious to see our different reading material...me with my book of poems, Brad with the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People, Mom with the  newspaper and a reccommended book on kindle, and Dad with his medical textbook for board reviews in November (but he ended up reading Mom's novel instead :) ).  I've only ever seen him read a novel once, so that must be saying something.
Of course, we had a campfire!  With hot water for tea or coffee, or nasty MRE bacon and eggs (4 years expired) that Dad wanted to try.  Ugghhkk.
One of the coolest things we saw was a natural fridge built into the side of the hill next to the old guard shack.  There were stone steps leading up to it and placing your hand inside instantly cooled you down.  Julianne was sure we were breathing in some sort of radon gas leaking out of the hillside, but no one is sick so far.  They was a foot bridge to walk across, but mostly we hung out around the campsite moving from the smoke, talking and reading. Brad was mt. trooper by waking up with me and walking me in the dark to the restroom in the middle of the night because I didn't want to go alone.  It was a long trek to the bathroom!  It ended up being exercise...ya know walk 10 minutes every time I needed to use it...maybe we need an outhouse...it could improve our health. ;)
 What is your favorite part about camping?  The rest, the s'mores, the people, etc...

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