July 5, 2013

Orange Lovin': the flavor & the color

It is no secret that I've been loving orange lately.  It has long been my favorite* color because of its warmth and cheerfulness, but lately even the flavor has been sneaking its way into our house.  So in honor of this love, I've put together some of my favorite treats of late.

Orange Flavored Tootsie Rolls...oops all that was left of this one was the wrapper

Orange Fanta Floats

1. Orange Infinity Dress  2.  Resin Flower Bouquet Earring   3.  Ethnic Indian Hand Embroidered Clutch  4. Shibori Orange Tights  5. Felted Acorns  6.  Orange Flower Fabric  7. Orange Poppy Photo  8. Arabesque Necklace  9. Vintage Rust Dress  10. Feather Headband  11. Fall Flower & Leaf Ring  12.  Cranberry Orange Soap

* I'm always sure to spout a long list of "favorite colors".  There is really only one that never enters the list...pink.

Be sure to come back on Monday! There will be a guest post; I laughed so hard I cried when he emailed it to me.

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