July 30, 2013

Little Clark: 29 weeks

Dear son,

Well after all the drama of the glucose test, I got a call on Monday (after the dessert buffet baby shower in which I mostly abstained from all sugar), saying the lab messed up my test, and I have to retake it!  Oh my goodness!  So...I retook the test.  We are diabetes free!!!  Sorry for all the fasting lately baby boy.  My friend Sarah Z. threw a baby shower for you on Sunday and it was so much fun to play games, and she did a beautiful job of ushering in the celebration in style.  I walked in and got all teary because it was beautiful.  But you've been making me tear up at all sorts of things...dirty dishes...miscommunication.  Its like all of the sudden somebody yanked the hormone cord, and I'm a roller-coaster.  Your Dad and I watched the movie Warrior, and I sobbed through the entire thing, and then again in the morning when I woke up just thinking about it.  You are still tushy side up most of the time, and I love poking around to find your little back and head.  You're just around 15 inches long, and it sure feels like it with all the moving you've been doing!  All the time, especially when there is music playing.  We've been getting the house in order, and laying aside all your clothes for the first few months, and prepping the diapers.  I can barely reach my toes because you have gotten so big, which makes putting on jeans increasingly difficult.  Oh baby boy, I'm ready for you to be in our arms and not in my belly.  What do you say?  See you in 9 weeks rather than the 11?




  1. I thought I cried a lot when I was pregnant and then I had Everett and realized nope....it was worse after he was born. Those new momma hormones are all kinds of crazy! ;)

    1. Thanks Ashlee! At least I'm not alone in my craziness. :)