July 4, 2013

Little Clark: 26 weeks

Happy Fourth of July!  We're celebrating the birth of our nation and those who made it happen.  

Hello little guy!

We have had a fun week this last week; birthday parties, swimming pools, joann fabrics, and friends for dinner.  Your Dad and I have been getting to feel your immediate reactions to sounds.  So sometimes when I listen to my music on the computer you react, or like last night when we were watching commercials for the Marines, you went nuts.  It was a proud moment for Dad.   My belly is basketball-sized and you are supposedly around 14 inches long...which makes sense that you can finally reach the bottom of my ribs because you kicked there for the first time last night (must have been those commercials).  I think the nesting stage has finally spilled over into the cooking department.  Brad has been waiting for this promised time.  In the past week and a half, I've made roast beef and mashed potatos, lemonade pie, bbq chicken and salad, black bean soup, chocolate chip cookies, bran muffins, fruit salad, mizithra and pasta, sloppy joes and tatertots, not to mention countless caprese sandwiches.  I think he is in food heaven.  One night we even ran down to the store and got supplies for fanta orange floats!  Oh my goodness!  I love anything orange flavored...hopefully you don't come out wanting orange juice instead of milk.  We decided to crack down on the reading together about different ways to be good parents.  It has made for some fun discussions about our past experiences.  Your Grandma McCurry said that we all have our same basic personalities from when were were kiddos, so we can't wait to learn about yours!  Your Grandpa Clark made you a cradle so that you can stay nice and close to our bed!  So much love is around you.  Keep cooking little man, we'll see you in 14ish weeks!

Mama & Fadda

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  1. Just around the corner! You're making me hungry with your concoctions.